After a long love affair with the Porsche brand, Zag Automotive was founded by the brothers John & George Zaghloul in 1985, specialising in servicing the needs of all types of Porsche and 911 owners around Australia. We offer wide range of specialist services including lead wiping, File furnishing, full measuring systems, realigning, LH to RH conversions,  re upholstery and smash repairs in the most affordable prices.



Zag carries a huge range of second hand parts – mechanical components, engines, gearboxes, body parts and much much more. They ship these parts to owners all over Australia and also overseas to amongst others the USA and the UK.



Using original Porsche materials Zag takes care of all leather work and also carpets. We highly recommend our clients to choose between selection of finest leathers with the right fit, feel and comfort  for your beloved Porches.

Smash Repairs


Porsche owners are famously excellent drivers but from time to time an idiot road user will damage their pride and joy. When this happens John and George will step in. They handle all insurance and private work and they lovingly restore your vehicle so the smash is just a memory.



Sprint and racing cars inevitably get damaged from time to time. When this happens, those in the know call in Zag. Our Team of experts in body and engine works with the right experience  ensure  we deliver back the car with the same aggression as before.



June 2014

The boys have been busy with the move, but they still find time to finish some works of art. Check out this 911 Speedster replica recently finished.



May 2014

Check out this awesome Martini 911 RSR replica completed by the boys at Zag Automotive. It doesn’t get much cooler than this!


November 2012

The factory move has taken a lot longer than expected, however we are now in and flat out building some exciting new 911’s. More details and photos to come.


June 2011

Photos of a ’72 911S replica recently delivered to Melbourne. Meanwhile the Zag brothers are moving into a new and much larger factory this month and next.


Conversions LH to RH

If you have one of those Porches from European  and German imports with Left handed drive, You can always count on Zag automotive to convert them into right handed drive with the right precision, handling and performance only few companies can deliver.

Auto Body Works

We always try to keep our pride and joy in the best shape as far as possible. With Zag Automotive, we offer a complex procedure of body works which requires skilled team of experts to achieve the same mint condition of the vehicle’s body with the factory feel.

Lead wiping

Your beloved cars age in course of time and starts to gather a lot of rust, tiny holes and a lot of issues with the body. Our Lead wiping and loading process ensures we seal all those tiny little holes and make your cars rust free before we examine them for final paint.

Full measuring System/Realigning

Proper wheel alignment is mandatory if you start to feel unresponsive steering, unusual tire wear, unwanted vibrations and car pulling to one side at times. You can only expect the best wheel alignment and measuring systems for ultimate driving experience with Zag Automotive.

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